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When it is all on the line, you need a DUI Defense Attorney

When a person is charged with DUI, they are usually bombarded by solicitations from Criminal Defense Attorneys.  But, is there a difference.

If you were having a heart attack, would you prefer a Family Doctor or a Cardiac Specialist?  Sure, the family doctor could probably help you in some way, but do they have the advanced knowledge and skill of a Cardiac Specialist?

Hopefully, you are never in that situation.  However, if you are here, there is a good chance you are facing a DUI.  Do you choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer or a DUI Defense Attorney.  There is a different.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer represents people charged with murder, rape, theft, drug dealing, and a number of other offenses.  These crimes generally focus on an intentional act of a person to commit an offense.  The attorney is generally focused on determine whether the person did it and, if so, what is the best plea that can be accomplished.

A DUI Defense Attorney, like me, understands that DUI is rarely an intentional act.  More importantly, DUI is the one "crime" that police actively look to stop even if there is no evidence of a crime at the outset of their investigation.  If you are driving between 10 pm and 3 am, there is a good chance you will be stopped for some minor violation or a subjective reason.   Even if the police stopped you for something minor, it is likely the first questions will be "where are you coming from?" and "how much have you had to drink?"

The first step in any DUI analysis of whether the officer had probable cause to stop your vehicle and detain you.  We investigate the basis for the stop to determine if there is a defense.  If there is not, we will challenge it through a suppression motion. 

Next, we determine if there is probable cause to arrest you.  Here, we look not only at Field Sobriety Tests (FST), but also other tests such as ARIDE & DRE Evaluations.  These tests are utilized to determine if a person may be under the influence of a controlled substance.  

Dean Morgan is a NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor.  Less that 20 Attoneys in the state of Pennsylvania have this qualification.  In addition, Dean is the only attorney in Pennsylvania who owns and operates a firm that teaches other attorneys how to interpret ARIDE & DRE test.  This information is invaluable to your defense.

Finally, we evaluate the blood or breath test results.  Dean has been certified as a Breathalyzer Operator.  In addition, Dean is well-versed in the areas of both Serum Testing (used in many hospitals and Gas Chromatography Testing (used by state police and independent laboratories).

When you hire this firm, you get the benefit of 25+ years experience in the Criminal Justice System.  Dean has literally arrested, prosecuted, and defended thousands of people charged with DUI.  He will do his very best for you.