Attorney F. Dean Morgan, Esquire
After a career in the U.S. Marine Corps and Law Enforcement, Dean Morgan made an important decision.  He decided to become a lawyer.

While in law enforcement, he served as his unit's traffic and DUI Specialist. He became a certified breathalyzer operator. Dean made hundreds of DUI arrests in his law enforcement career.  Dean left law enforcement to pursue his law degree.

While in law school, Dean worked for the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office.  After law school he worked for the Las Vegas, Nevada District Attorney's Office.  He returned to Pennsylvania where he served with the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office.   In 2010, Dean opened The Morgan Law Firm.  

In the years since, he has represented over 1100 people charged with DUI.  In addition, Dean has taken advanced courses and has become certified as a NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instuctor.  He also has advanced training in ARIDE & DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) protocols. 

Dean is the owner of DUI Trainers & Consultants, LLC .  There he teaches other attorneys how to review and analyze SFST, ARIDE, and DRE Tests.  In addition, he offers case reviews to attorneys across the nation.

In addition, to his teaching and DUI Defense services, Dean is a DUI Expert consultant, assisting attorneys throughout the nation litigate the most complicated DUI cases. 

"Common Sense Often Makes Good Law"
Justice William O. Douglas,
US Supreme Court
Ashlee Stewart
Legal Assistant / Case Manager

Ashlee joined our team in 2013.   She is responsible for managing the administrative operations of the Firm, including evaluating and managing the Firm’s operating and information systems;  and assisting in the marketing of the Firm’s legal services and client development activities.

Ashlee consults with Attorney Morgan on a regular basis regarding client needs.  She has received great praise for her efforts to ensure that every client receives the highest quality service. 


​DUI Defense

Some cases require medical knowledge.  Cases such as Homicide BY Vehicle, Aggravated Assault by Vehicle, and cases involving prescription drugs require an in-depth review of medical information.  Our Legal Nurse Consultant provides this review, making us better-able to represent you.

Our team of Associate Attorneys provides outstanding support to our senior attorney team.  While they do not appear in the courtroom, they are an important part of your defense.  They provide legal research, motion, and appellate assistance.    We are looking for talented attorneys throughout Pennsylvania.  For more information about joining our team, click here.