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Hiring an attorney to represent you against a DUI is one of the most important decisions you can make.  DUI is unlike any other type of criminal defense.  The laws and the factual issues in a DUI case are very complex.   The lawyers of my firm and I focus on this very specialized area of the law and provide my clients with the assurance that their lawyer knows the subject matter better than the police and the prosecutor.  As the enclosed documents demonstrate, the Morgan Law Firm has a record of success. This specialized knowledge and experience is essential if you want:

Experienced DUI Defense:   Since 1990, I have viewed thousands of DUI cases from every possible perspective as a Police Officer, Prosecutor, and DUI Defense Attorney.  In addition, I have received advanced training in the same standardized field sobriety tests, drug recognition protocols, and blood alcohol testing used by the police officer who arrested you.  As a former prosecutor, I have the tools to intelligently negotiate with the district attorney’s officer from a position of advantage.

Full Service DUI Defense Representation: I can help you:  Enter the ARD Program; Negotiate a Plea Agreement; Challenge the evidence against you and/or take your case to trial.   In addition, I am dedicated to helping you keep your job.

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